The top budget sneakers are exclusively original shoes: 10 models from proven brands with the best value for money. Let’s go!

No 1 – New Balance 574

New Balance 574

New Balance 574 – among best cheap casual sneakers made of leather, with a very recognizable design. New Balance 574 are chosen by millions of people for the great comfort and fixation that they provide, as well as soft outsoles with a modern cushioning core, and high quality materials. The upper is made of suede with textile inserts, the silhouette is versatile and will fit absolutely any style. Many people pay attention to the materials, others to the price, but it is recognized by all NB owners that New Balance 574 usually has no competitors in the quality of manufacturing!  Indeed, compared to many other sneakers of the same rating the iconic 574 are a bit more expensive, but these sneakers are capable of serving you for years without losing their stylish look, and as they wear out they look even more casual. It definitely makes sense to get them!

No 2 – Saucony Jazz Original Vintage

Saucony Jazz Original Vintage

One of the best cheap casual sneakers models. Saucony Jazz Original Vintage is an iconic model of the company, it was offered to the world back in 1981, and since then they haven’t lost their relevance. On the contrary, some models have become popular among rich people.The uppers of Saucony Jazz Original Vintage are made of a combination of natural and nylon, providing at the same time the highest durability and the lightness. The outsole with adjusted instep, quality rubber insole with a tenacious tread and, of course, the legendary Saucony logo on the sides. “Jazz” will never go out of fashion, you just have to take good care of your sneakers and they will serve you for 2, 3 and more years.

No 3 – ASICS Gel-Lyte lll

ASICS Gel-Lyte lll

What else can be said about one of the best classic models? Hardly anyone would argue that these are one of the best cheap casual sneakers in terms of comfort, comfort and care for your feet. ASICS Gel-Lyte lll are very light, and everyone will emphasize their unique feeling and outer look.

Leather upper, of course, requires special care, but those who treat their shoes properly should have no problems. If you decide which model of cheap sneakers is worth buying, for sure, ASICS Gel-Lyte lll should be on the short list of options.

No. 4 – Nike Air Monarch IV

Nike Air Monarch IV

Good inexpensive sneakers from Nike that bring back memories of the 1990s, when Nike Air were the dream of all teenagers. Now retro design is back in fashion, and therefore Nike Air Monarch IV with uppers of durable leather and laconic colors will be a great choice for those who spend money wisely.

The cushioning system of Nike Air Monarch IV is exactly the same as that of more expensive models. Durable and reliable, these sneakers will easily serve you for several seasons.

No. 5 – Puma Rebound Joy

Puma Rebound Joy

Puma Rebound Joy – relatively cheap but cool basketball sneakers by Puma that will charm all fans of the casual style. Their retro design and eye-catching colors will make you stand out wherever you go. 

Shoe designers at Puma made the Rebound Joy entirely of artificial materials, so that all owners feel comfortable when sneaking around the court. In everyday life this feature is a great advantage: the resilient sole along with SOFTFOAM insole provides an excellent cushioning. The model, in general, is unisex, so girls can feel free to get them as well.

No. 6 – Kappa Authentic Run.

Kappa Authentic Run

Kappa Authentic Run visually stands out among many affordable models, made of suede, in beige color they look much more expensive than their price.

Kappa Authentic Run are suitable for jogging, but it’s still better to have them as an everyday pair of shoes. We found feedback from some owners, that in rainy weather the suede starts losing its initial color and the sneakers get a shabby look, while others claim that they didn’t face such problems. So we would recommend you to treat Kappa Authentic Run with waterproof impregnation after purchase.

No. 7 – Skechers Energy Timeless Vision

Skechers Energy Timeless Vision

The model is made in the style of premium Nike Air Max 95 and not much inferior to them in quality. Even at the first glance you understand that these beauties will not fail: the upper is made exclusively of genuine and very durable leather and the soles of thick abrasion-resistant rubber. That’s why we included Skechers Energy Timeless Vision in our list of best cheap casual sneakers

Skechers Energy Timeless Vision model is primarily a casual model, designed for everyday wear rather than sports. The Energy Timeless Vision comes in one size fits all. 

No 8 – Reebok Royal Hyperium Trail

Reebok Royal Hyperium Trail

Quality, one of the best affordable sneakers from Reebok whose design is inspired by 90’s street fashion. The layered upper of textile, suede, and leather creates volume and depth. There’s also an intermediate EVA outsole, which budget shoe manufacturers often skimp on, so you don’t have to feel every pebble hitting under your feet when walking.

Rubber soles with a good tread ensure reliable traction with the surface, whether it’s asphalt or country road. The leather inlays protect the textile inner part reliably, so you can feel confident about the integrity of the shoes. If you are not afraid of the brutal look of Reebok Royal Hyperium Trail – for this price they are just an excellent option.

No 9 – Diadora Olympia.

Diadora Olympia

Diadora Olympia – an affordable model from the famous Italian brand, traditionally known for the softness and comfort of their shoes. Upper made of mesh with suede elements, 2.7 cm thick rubber soles make your steps soft, and the fabric lining is also very pleasant. Owners mention in other reviews of the best cheap casual sneakers that this model is great for people with wide feet.

Diadora Olympia are very lightweight against most competitors in the price segment, these sneakers will fit perfectly into the closet as everyday shoes. 

No 10 – Adidas Entrap.

Adidas Entrap

Adidas Entrap – the cheapest sneakers on our list. This model by Adidas will not disappoint even the hardened snickerhead. These low-top sneakers with layered leather uppers look very stylish and versatile – they go perfect with a vast majority of jeans.

The capsular rubber outsole of Adidas Entrap will easily last more than one season, and the OrthoLite insoles will be a nice bonus for people with non-standard foot shape. Some owners claim that Adidas Entrap are undersized by half a size.