Men's Boots Types
  1. Men’s Boots Types
  2. Classic Men’s Boots
  3. Men’s Biker Boots
  4. Men’s Lace-Up Boots
  5. Men’s Outdoor Boots
  6. Men’s Winter Ankle Boots (fur boots)
  7. Men’s Western Boots
  8. Rubber and Waterproof Boots

Classic Men’s Boots

Classic Men’s Boots

Classic boots are practical shoes that can be very versatile. Its degree of formality depends on a number of factors: the thickness and the quality of the materials of the sole, type of lacing, and type of leather used for the upper. Signs of high quality are: good welt design, full piece of leather used for big parts of the shoes (like the upper, lining), and neat trims.

Classic boots are most appropriate for the fall, winter and spring seasons, when the weather is often cold.

The most popular classic boots models are brown and dark-brown, manufactured from smooth leather and fitted with thin rubber soles. Leather soles are not so practical for every-day use, and in most cases they should be fitted with an additional layer of rubber that would make them more robust and durable.

Waxed or full-grain leather uppers, on the contrary, are more practical but less formal; this also applies to thick rubber soles with a strong tread.

What goes well with classic boots?

Many boots models go well with chinos, corduroy, flannel and tweed pants; in addition, almost all classic boots can be worn with jeans. Suits are a different case. Not every model of boots is suitable for a strict business suit, but most textile casual jackets go well with classic leather boots.

Men’s Biker Boots

Men’s Biker Boots

Biker Boots are made of thick types of leather – bull leather of 1.4 – 1.6 mm thickness, of black or dark brown color. There are models with a thinner and more comfortable lining, on the insole is manufactured of a very smooth and soft piece of leather. You can choose the option that fits you best.

Leatherlon is a modern material based on rubber reinforced with leather threads. The heel flicks are glued together, then milled and permanently shot to the sole with twelve screw self-tapping screws, which prevents the heel from tearing off during use.

Biker Boots, unlike western boots models, do not have embroidery on the upper part, but buckles instead, as a decorative element. Three is often a 3 mm welt between the vamp and the sole.

Men’s Lace-Up Boots

Looking to buy the right model of men’s lace-up boots to always look fashionable and stylish? Check out the options that we describe on our site!

Lace-up boots are a stylish and very practical alternative for both: men that follow fashion trends and those who simply want to have durable and comfortable footwear for every-day use.

Lace-up Boots are very popular among men of all ages and are often the choice of active people, who like to combine comfort and style in one shoe model. Many models of lace-ups are designed with additional decorative elements, which add unique features to your style.

Comfortable Lace-up boot differ by the following characteristics:

  • type of material (suede, nubuck, leather, leather and textile combinations)
  • finishing;
  • the height and width of the heel;
  • the height of the shaft;
  • the material and type of sole;
  • season;

Men’s Outdoor Boots

Quality outdoor boots will be the perfect option for men who need durable ever-day footwear.

There are different insulated winter models, that effectively protect from moisture and have great waterproof features.

For men who spend a lot of time out of the city in a country area, boots with better ankle protection would be the right choice. If your are looking to buy boots for the cold season, pay attention to the size, get a pair half or full size bigger than your summer shoes. So you could easily wear a warm pair of thick socks underneath, if necessary. Also pay attention to the materials – will it be polyester, textile or leather.

If you need a universal model of boots that you could put on for a walk in the park, or go camping for the weekend, you can choose either durable outdoor boots models or get a pair of good men’s hiking boot.

Find your best fitting footwear for tourism and recreation from trekking and outdoor boots to lightweight summer sandals for walking around the city and in the park, get sneakers with a great modern design and anatomical shape, men’s hiking and trekking boots for the mountains and forests.

Like any other men’s shoes, your outdoor boots should meet the main requirements in order to be truly functional and comfortable:

The materials. The upper part of quality and durable boots, as a rule, is manufactured of thick leather, suede or nubuck. There can be an additional layer of a fabric membrane, which reliably protects against moisture. Your feet will be feeling warm and comfortable. One more layer can be a synthetic heater.

The sole. If the sole is not thick enough, you will immediately feel all the surface irregularities and will not be able to walk for a long time on the uneven grounds. A good tread is also a must.

For a higher level of durability and protection choose robust fittings, strong laces, rubberized toe and heel for extra protection of the feet.

Men’s Winter Boots

Men’s winter boots have specific features and certain parameters should be checked before buying.

We recommend you to pay attention to:

  1. Men’s winter boots from organic leather, manufactured from leather of special sorts that guarantees durability, highest comfort level. This is the best material that can give you the necessary elasticity, comfort and the best look .
  2. Rubber winter boots for men – mostly used as work boots for special purposes and in special conditions. Choose solid models of quality EVA material with a proven material composition. This will ensure that they are a hundred percent waterproof and durable.
  3. Boots with a high quality rubber or polyurethane sole. This recommendation is especially important for the winter season because you need a sole that will ensure a better stability on a slippery surface.
  4. The size of warm winter boots should be slightly larger than the size of your spring autumn ankle boots.

Men’s Western Boots

The variety of western boots for men is huge. In the latest collections of most manufacturers you can find models of progresive modern design, as well as more classic old school options.

The most popular material for men’s western boots is buffalo leather of special sort. There are models manufactured of thinner and softer calfskin as well as thick types of leather.

The most expensive models of Men’s Western Boots are manufactured from leather of exotic animals, such as rattlesnakes or caimans. The look of these sorts of leather gives such boots an additional element of luxurity, turning them into a piece of art.

They look just stunning with almost any style of clothes. They will perfectly match the best accessories from your collection – expensive wallets, watches and other attributes of a stylish man. They will emphasize your image of the successful and self-confident man.

The heel is usually not a single piece of material, but manufactured from several parts, one of which is hollow inside for better shock resistance during walking.

The cuffs western boots are embroidered with decorative patterns, and some models also have an additional piece of leather on the ankle area and the toes of the boots.

Men’s Rubber and Waterproof Boots

Quality footwear can not only keep you from catching a cold, but also give high quality comfort during work.

Rubber boots are classic waterproof footwear for men. This is a cheap and reliable solution to protect your feet against water and moisture. Today there are plenty of models of men’s rubber boots that may not only provide comfort and protection, but also have a stylish and nice look.

Safety rubber boots can prevent your feet from mechanical damage, injuries, dangerous liquids, moisture, and cold at work. You should get boots of the right size, those that will also properly fit the anatomical features of your feet.

There are models with additional heel protection, shock absorption system, anti-magnetic properties and protection against slipping.