Women's Shoe Types
  1. Women’s shoe types by style, season, fashion and purpose.
  2. Women’s shoe trends 2021-2022 & Popular shoe models for each season.
  3. Fashionable shoe colors
  4. How to choose shoes of high-quality materials for your comfort.
  5. How to choose the best Women’s shoes for your style.
  6. How to take care of women’s shoes?

What kind of women’s shoes are in fashion now?

Basically, the following shoe types remain very trendy as usual:

  • Sneakers
  • Boots
  • Ankle Boots
  • Business Shoes
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Trekking Shoes
  • Work & safety shoes
  • Low shoes
  • Sports Shoes
  • Sandals
  • Slippers

Sneakers are affordable sports shoes, a kind of universal shoe type, which is really comfortable and practical for all seasons including winter (there are warmed models of sneakers).

Women's Sneakers

If you are looking to buy cheap sneakers for ladies, you are in the right place. With the help of our site you can find a variety of suitable models of different colors, and here you can find:

  • white sneakers
  • black sneakers
  • red sneakers
  • wedge heels sneakers
  • leather sneakers
  • sneakers with rhinestones
  • and many others …

Boots – fashionable women’s shoes presented in a big variety of models for different styles. The 2021-2022 spring-summer-fall seasons will be full of dozens of interesting ideas: transparent shoe materials, creative decor, shoe heels of various unusual shapes, creative combination of unexpected color tones and decorative shoe elements.

Despite designers’ imagination and suggestions, you can do your own individual combinations that would meet your demands for practicality and comfort of the boots.

Ankle boots: the name speaks for itself – boots with the upper part on the level of an ankle. Classic ankle boots usually have rounded toes and a thin, medium-height heel.

There are also models with flat soles, chunky heels or platforms, but those do not fit for the classic style.

Business Shoes. Most women prefer to wear business shoes on special occasions where a strict dress code is expected, and neither ballet shoes, nor sandals, or moreover, sneakers are not acceptable.

Due to the richness of the ladies’ fashion the variety of women’s business shoes is so big and shoe designers and manufacturers did a great job, so that each lady with her own individual style and demands can find the best models for various stylish combinations.

For example: women’s business shoes for wearing in the office are not limited to only black color. You can choose to buy from other colors, less dark, beige, etc.

Hiking Shoes – the base of ladies hiking gear, keeping the feet safe and comfortable when hiking. Correctly selected hiking boots properly fix your foot on any surface, protect from injury, discomfort caused by rain or snow, stones, bushes rubbing your feet, etc.

In order to choose the right shoes for hiking, you need to decide in which areas you are going to use them: the surface of the landscapes, expected temperatures.

Hiking and trekking shoes are often similar. Cross-country travel involves not only specialized equipment and clothing, but also special footwear such as trekking boots. Often, not only the success of the event, but also the pleasure that you get from the trip depends on the choice of the footwear you use.

The main function of the trekking shoes is to guarantee good protection and comfort, so they should:

  • properly fix the ankle joint;
  • prevent possible joint dislocations;
  • have special reinforced inserts in the area of ​​the toe and heel to protect your feet from stones;
  • have a quality outsole provide good surface traction, even on wet surfaces

Women’s soft sports shoes are able to absorb the shocks when jogging on a hard surface.

Women’s sports shoes with foot movement control have great features, like a firm heel zone, which perfectly fixes the foot. It is recommended to choose sports shoes with a high heel for both men and women, because their shock absorption capabilities are much higher. Sports shoes with high heels provide more care to your ankles and knees.

Buy sports shoes online, experiment and create stylish new looks that will distinguish your personality during training. Check out women’s sneakers and other sports shoe models from Adidas, Asics, New Balance, Nike, Puma and other popular brands.

Choose from a wide range of materials and colors. All sizes are available.

Summer shoes for women. Among all types of shoes, summer female models will probably have the largest variety of different styles and decorative combinations of shoe elements and colors. 2021-2022 summer seasons will surprise you with the models created by the rich imagination of the designers.

Shoes can say a lot about their owner: the more luxurious are the shoes, the more she loves and respects herself.

However, this doesn’t mean that a lady can have many different pairs of affordable every-day shoes for the summer season, that can be literally changed every day depending on her mood or just due to a spontaneous decision.

Ladies Sandals – the choice of this season is literally huge. A lot of models with a perfect combination of comfort and style are available in summer seasons in 2021-2022. Extremely popular again will be models with absolutely flat soles for everyday use.

Slippers– Since fashion changes and develops by leaps and bounds, it is no secret to anyone that this also applies to women’s house shoes, in particular women’s slippers. The modern market provides a huge variety of models of beautiful women’s slippers for home, making them all the more comfortable and beautiful. When making, models are often decorated with various rhinestones, beads, buttons and other decorations.

Ballerinas – there is much more meaning behind the word “ballerinas” than just light shoes with low heels.

Find ballerinas of the following types:

Classic – This model features a rounded toe and a very small, round heel. Such models are a perfect fit for the business style.

Everyday. These ballerinas have a flat sole and a low heel, square or round toe. In fact, these are almost the same as loafers or espadrilles that can be perfectly combined with trousers, shorts, jeans.

Sports. These ballerinas have a flat sole and often a higher heel, and are considered as an alternative to moccasins. You can go in for sports or just walk in them.

Ballerinas are perfect in combination with light summer dresses, fluffy skirts and all kinds of summer clothes.

Women's shoe trends 2021-2022

The hottest footwear fashion trends in spring-summer seasons in 2021-2022 are:

  1. Ladies flat sole shoes
  2. Platform shoes
  3. Boots with accordion
  4. Sandals
  5. Fashionable lace-up shoes
  6. Womens shoes with straps
  7. Braided shoes
  8. Ballerinas
  9. Flip flops getting new life

Ladies flat sole shoes – Fashionable footwear reacted to the quarantine with low heels and flat soles: flip flops and birken stocks, flat ballerinas, sandals and sneakers, clogs and flat loafers came to the fore in the collections.

Platform shoes – The platform has become one of the most memorable shoe designs of the Fashion Weeks. In the new season, it will be bright and original.

Accordion boots – Until it gets warmer outside, the designers of the Osman, Roksanda and Preen by Thornton Bregazzi brands advise walking in fashionable boots with a gathered bootleg. They look great with both light dresses and pantsuits.

Sandals – the most fashionable shoes next summer are sandals. Moreover, they are unusual. For example, jeweled (like Jason Wu’s), gladiator’s like Rebecca Taylor’s, or Christian Dior’s woven sandals.

Fashionable lace-up shoes – lace is back in trend, but this time the designers Miu Miu, Daniela Gregis and Louis Vuitton used it for their intended purpose. Taking men’s shoes as a basis, they creatively played with their shape: somewhere they added shine and a small heel, somewhere they painted them in all the colors of the rainbow.

Womens shoes with straps – thin straps add lightness and femininity to the shoe. Max Mara and Versace suggest remembering the always fashionable shoes with ankle straps, while Tod’s and Sportmax decided to go even further and make the entire upper of the shoe out of thin strips of leather.

There are also some unspoken rules about the ladies’ footwear fashion in 2021-2022.

  • The first one – is the color combination.
  • Classic shoes for sure will be in summer fashion of the current year.
  • Beige shoes also remain trendy in 2021-2022, they can be worn not only in summer, but also in spring as an addition to the image in light colors.And bright clothes are suitable for such shoes, the harmony of beige and dark. Beige shoes are the easiest way to match shoes to those things that you doubted.

In the 2021-2022 spring-summer seasons we will see a strong influence of 70s shoe fashion.

But all the designers’ ideas for this year are united by a single idea – to demonstrate the beauty of the ladies’ legs and the whole appearance…

Fashionable shoe colors

In addition to the favorite white in the spring-summer 2021-2022 collections of shoes there will be many models in blue, light green and soft brown-beige tones.

But the two main shoe colors will be outstanding. The first one is yellow. The second is gray. They seem to be a very simple combination, but such a great one.

We suggest having gray color as the base. It can be combined with all colors, so it can easily blend into your most unusual looks.

Sneakers, shoes, boots, sandals – everything is fine in gray.

Of course, elegant white shoes will always be in trend, and this year as well. But we would suggest adding some yellow tones during the warm seasons, to highlight the brightness and lightness of summer in your style. For example, this tactic will work great for sandals, ballerinas, light sneakers.

A smart combination of both gray and yellow will make one of the greatest looks this year. Comfortable, cool, bright and stylish.

How much do sneakers for women’s shoes cost VS Men’s?

Approximate women’s shoe sizes: Size 36: insole length 23 cm, sole height 3 cm, sole thickness 1 cm. Size 37: insole length 23.5 cm, sole height 3 cm, sole thickness 1 cm. Size 38: insole length 24 cm, sole height 3 cm, sole thickness 1 cm. Size 39: insole length 24.5 cm, sole height 3 cm, sole thickness 1 cm. Size 40: insole length 25 cm, sole height 3 cm, sole thickness 1 cm. Size 41: Insole length 25.5 cm, sole height 3 cm, sole thickness 1 cm.

How to choose shoes of high-quality materials for your comfort?

  1. Quality footwear has the following features:
    • Stitches and seams are straight, without any torn stitches or irregularities.
    • Good flexible sole
    • Quality material of the insole
    • If leather was used as a material, then it should not be too hard as well as to soft, though durable and flexible enough
    • Durable outsole and heel. They cannot be looze, damaged or with visible spots of glue on them, otherwise this is a sign of low quality.
  2. Also, there should be no protruding or hidden stitches. If you buy shoe online, check all available photos of the footwear you choose.
  3. Check out all details on the pictures and the description of each model you like.

Upon the delivery of your purchase – carefully inspect the box. This is an indirect indicator of the quality of the shoes manufactured by the brand. It is also recommended to read some reviews about a particular model, and learn about the opinion of other people and what they can say front heir own experience. This will help you make your decision regarding the brand, model, and even how to determine the right size before you order shoes online.

How to choose the best Women’s shoes for your style

How to choose perfect shoes for women?

In order to buy shoes that will not disappoint you soon and will make your mood for a long time, you shouldn’t pay attention to the color as a primary criteria, as most women often do. The color of the shoe has nothing to do with the comfort and practicality.

First of all, it is important to keep in your mind the material of the shoes.

Most often, manufacturers use:

  • natural or artificial leather;
  • suede;
  • nubuck;
  • textile.

Of course, it is better to buy shoes made of genuine leather, since they have a more presentable and rich outer look, moreover leather shoes are quite comfortable and practical.

At the same time, leather shoe models are more expensive, because of their higher quality.

Faux leather of high quality is a good alternative. The material is also practical and resistant to external influences. Faux leather shoes are cheaper, sometimes you can even hardly notice the difference between faux and natural leather.

Suede shoe models almost always look beautiful and unusual. The material is unique, often available in different colors. The only thing with suede shoes is that they require special care.

Textile footwear is also a good choice. If you buy shoes of high quality textile material and a good sole, be sure you’ve got practical, stylish and at the same time affordable every-day shoes.

If you need to buy light summer shoes, then first of all decide which style you want. Pay attention to the models that have special holes that would allow your feet to “breathe”. This will add more comfort to your day.

How to take care of women’s shoes?

  • When returning home, rinse the dirt with cold water, preventing them from drying out and absorbing into the surface, after drying, coat with special care products.
  • Learn more about the material of your shoes, because special materials may require special shoe care products. Particular expensive models may even require special shoe sprays etc. produced for their particular material.