How do I know what size shoe to buy online?
How do I know what size shoe to buy online?
  1. How to measure your feet correctly?
  2. How to measure the shoes correctly?
  3. Luxury Branded footwear: the benefits of branded shoes.
  4. How to choose quality shoes
  5. What clothes, shoes and accessories are popular in 2022?

How do I know what size shoe to buy online?

  1. Measure the length of your feet
  2. Measure the size your shoes
  3. Consider the shape of your feet
  4. Consider the nuances of sizes by different brands

European shoe size is universal. It is always marked as EU on the shoe boxes and in the product cards. But even knowing the European size does not guarantee a 100% right choice.

The only reliable way to accurately find the right shoe size is to measure the length of your feet.

However it is important to keep in mind a several important nuances.

  • First – the feet are larger in the end of the day, the arches of the feet get lower and your feet will be slightly longer than in the morning. This should be paid attention to if are buying sports shoes in which you are going to walk all day long – for example, sneakers for ultra-trailers, trekking or mountain boots.
  • Second – your feet can change their size over time, increasing in width, length, especially if your are a very active person and often go in for sports. It may happen happen that five years ago you were wearing size 42-43, and now you fit size 43-44.

How to measure your feet correctly?

 How to measure your feet correctly?
  1. Take a sheet of paper and lay it flat against a wall or a door.
  2. Stand with your back to the wall and place your bare foot on the paper, so that your heel touches the wall.
  3. Your foot should be parallel to the edge of the sheet.
  4. Draw the outline of your foot, or make a mark at the toe. It is important not to take your foot off the surface and to hold the pencil or pen vertically.
  5. Measure the distance from the edge of the sheet, where the heel stood, to the farthest mark in the toe area.
  6. Measure the second foot in the same way. The highest result will be the reference point for choosing shoes.

How to measure the shoes correctly?

 How to measure the shoes correctly?
  1. The size of the shoes can also be affected by the shape of the feet.
  2. Not all of your shoes may be the same size. For example, winter and hiking shoes and running shoes must have at least a half-size reserve, ski boots must fit, and rock shoes must be chosen one or two sizes too small.
  3. Make a correction for socks. It is recommended to try new shoes in appropriate socks. For trekking, skiing and mountaineering boots – high thermal socks, for winter shoes – warm thick models, sneakers, respectively, try on thin running socks.
  4. In order to choose shoes for your kids, you can also follow the steps described above.

Luxury Branded footwear: the benefits of branded shoes.

  1. Top quality shoe models are manufactured of genuine leather, which stretches properly during wearing and takes the right shape repeating all anatomical features of the feet.
  2. Leather insoles provide good cushioning and create a comfortable microclimate.
  3. Flat, flat seams and elastic buttock does not hurt the skin of the feet.
  4. Branded shoes retain a great look for a long time.
  5. Another advantage of branded shoes is that they always stay relevant for fashion trends, and retain the classic style.
  6. You can buy a pair quality shoes for several seasons and not worry that they will soon become irrelevant.

Elite shoes from the world’s leading manufacturers are of always of high quality. Buying a pair of branded shoes, you get comfortable and stylish footwear, made of genuine leather. These shoes will serve you for more than 2-3 seasons and fully justify their price.

Are you looking to buy quality branded shoes?

How to choose quality shoes?

You should know the following:

  1. Seams – are one of the most significant indicators of shoe quality. Neat and even, equal length, do not bulge, seam paths are always smooth and without bumps.
  2. The heel should be elastic and resilient, but not too rigid. At the same time adapting to the individual shape of your feet, a quality buttock easily takes its previous shape.
  3. Insoles – significant elements of all shoe types. It is preferable to use leather insoles, as this natural material will help to create optimal microclimate, protecting your feet from overheating or overcooling. The surface of the insoles should be flat, without any seams and bumps. 
  4. Leather quality – can be checked by bending the shoe. When bending the boots or shoes on the outer part of the bending should be no grooves. You will see a fine grid of “wrinkles” that smooth out when you unbend the shoe.
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